Angie Jones Case Study

A creative case study on the design process in developing Austin based realtor Angie Jones' 2015-2017 promotional marketing campaign.  



Angie Jones came to me looking for a piece of artwork she could use in her stationery and marketing campaign that would set herself apart in an ever growing realty industry.   I took favorite photos from the city of Austin, colors that resembled Angie's style and paired them with houses that resembled traditional but updated homes that can now be found scattered throughout the city.  



After developing the initial mood board and concept sketch, the refinement and inking process began.   I created an animated gif to further add to the appeal of the card, emphasizing the overall goal of the card; That Angie Jones Realtor is the go to when buying and selling a home in Austin, Tx. 

Angie Jones GIF



From the beginning of the project, that idea was to edit the digital paint to convey a different season and mood for Angie's business as well as the city of Austin.  With the current season, Angie has set her sights on the rising commercial industry of Austin.  With vibrant, contrasting colors and landscape adjustments, I created artwork that reflected the burgeoning scene of the new Austin culture.

Summer 2015:  Home Realty

"Winter" 2016: Home Realty

Spring 2017: Commercial Realty


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